Chair Dance
Floor Work
Pole Work
Pole Tricks

Exotic Dance Program

*Basic to complex exotic dance moves
*Walking with confidence
*The art of sensual dance
*Hip exercises
*Foot work
*Body posture
*Body Language
*Sexy serpent exercises
*Lap Dance Choreography
*Chair Dance Choreography
*Floor work Choreography
*Putting it all together to create your
own performance.

$100 (4 classes)

Pole Fitness Beginning Level

*Sexy Diva Walk
*Holding your weight and balance
*Pole poses and resting
*Creating momentum to spin
*Proper hand position
*pole tricks
*pole swings
*pole spins
*static moves
*Gripping poses
*Climbing poses
*Intense toning of abs, legs, gluttes, and arms
*Stage dance choreography

$100 (4 Classes)
Intermediate Level

*Spinning with leg momentum only
*Inverted Spins
*Inverted Poses
*Inverted Tricks
*Static Poses
*Back Bends
*Complex Inverted moves
*Holding entire body weight
*Horizontal Spins
*Horizontal Tricks
*Leg and foot friction, position, and hooks
*Inverted Body Slide
$100 (4 classes)

*Designed for students that finished
the beginner level

Advanced Level

*Holding entire body using leg muscles and grips
* Inverted spins
*Different ways to invert
*Advanced tricks
*Advanced spins
*One legged hooks
*One legged inverted spins
*strength exercises
*Side kicks
*Inverted combos
*Transition to vertical and inverted positions
*Creating momentum upside down
*and more... $100 (4 classes)

*Designed for students that finished
the intermediate

Private one on one
pole dance, chair dance, floor work, or strip tease
$90 (Receive $50 off when you book 5 classes)
Private Group
Bring your own group of friends and book a class with the studio all to yourselves.
Or to
Book a Party class with your girlfriends please click here to see the packages.
$75 per person 2 people
$65per person  3-5 people
$55 per person 6 and up

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