Instructor Song List

ARTIST                    SONG

Bush                          Glycerin
Banassi               Satisfaction
Pussy Cat Dolls       Don't cha
Alicia Keys  A woman's worth
Baby Bash             Sexy Eyes
Olivia                        So Sexy
Sean Paul                hot Sexy
Bobby Valentino  Slow Down
Aaliyah               Hot Like Fire
Adina Howard      Nasty Grind
Mario           Let Me Love You
Ciara                                  Oh
Ciara         Pick Up The Phone
Baby Bash            Suga Suga
Beyonce              Naughty Girl
Fiona Apple     Shadow Boxer
Juvenile             Slow Motion
Sean Paul       Hey Sexy Lady
Lenny Kravits I Belong To You
Evanesence  Taking Over Me
Nickelback          Photograph
Nickelback   Figured You Out
Thornley        So Far So Good
Baby Bash              Mamasita
Snow                    Patrol  Run
Danzin                    She Rides
Enigma       Principles of lust
Portishead                      Sour
TimesPortishead    Glory Box
Candle Box           Far Behind

Student List

ARTIST                    SONG

Nelly Furtado        Show Time
Beyonce            Beautiful Liar
Crazy Town                Butterfly
Jimmy Hendrix       Foxy Lady
Justin                Loved stoned
Kevin Lyttle          Turn Me On
Timberland         Give it to me
Pussy Cat Dolls Feeling Good
Queen Latifah    Baby get lost
Prodigy         Snap my picture
Paula Cole         Feeling Love
Pantera                   This Love
Milky                   Be My World
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Sexy Song
Our Pole and Exotic classes are designed for women of all sizes, shapes, flexibilities, and levels.
You don't need to have dance experience to take this class.

Is there an age or weight limit?
We have women from 18-70 years old in our classes, there is no weight limit.

What should I wear?
For Exotic dance and Pole dance you can bring boy shorts, biker shorts, yoga pants, skirts, bra, sports bra,
tube tops, fish net tops, fish net stockings, Stiletto shoes, boots, or bare feet.

What is your refund policy?
Once you register and take a spot you are not eligible to receive a refund.
If you can't continue taking classes you can transfer your membership to a friend or relative.

Will I have my privacy in the Exotic dance class or my Pole dance class?
Yes, we don't allow anybody that is not part of the Exotic dance class to watch.
We also veil all windows and doors.

Where can I purchase clothes and shoes for the Exotic dance class or Pole dance class?
Visit to purchase your shoes.          

For Strip Tease do I have to take off my clothes?
You will be learning how to take off your clothes in a very slow and sensual way without having to remove
all your clothes, there is no nudity in the class.

Any other requirements?
Do not wear any oils or moisturizers, as this impedes pole gripping, floor work, and
can make it dangerous.

If I miss one class can I make it up?
Students are only allowed to make up 1 class per month per package.

If I decide to wear stilettos which shoes should I wear?
Make sure your shoes are not higher than 6 inches. Your shoes need to have a strap around your ankle so
that you can balance better when you dance.  

I am interested in buying a dance pole to put in my home, where can I buy one?
You can purchase your dance pole with us, we have poles that start from $150 to $380 depending what type
of pole you are looking for. For more information please call 949-903-1867