Party Payment Process:  Payment is due at the beginning of the party class.  We require all party participants to arrive
15 minutes early to complete paperwork and payments, in order to start and end parties on time. Party should be paid
before the class starts with the same credit card that was used for your deposit.  There will be an additional $1.50
charge for all credit card transactions.

Cancellation Policy: The reservation fee is non-refundable due to costs incurred during the planning process.  Any
party cancellations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the party date or else half of the amount of the total
balance will not be refundable.  1 week before the party, No shows and same day cancellations will be charged the full
amount of the total balance due, with no exceptions.  Any credit card disputes must be resolved with us first before
consulting the credit card company, or else the $50 dispute charge will be your responsibility to pay.

Home/Hotel Pole fee: If you choose to have the removable pole option, your ceilings must be between 8 to 9 feet, and
you must locate the joist/beam prior to the instructor's arrival.  There is a $30 pole installation/removal fee.  Studio
Parties will not have a pole fee.

Driving fee: There is a minimum $30 driving fee.  Based upon the distance from the closest studio location, the fee will
range between $30 to $75.  The specific amount will be stated in the confirmation details. Driving fees are only for
home or hotel parties.

Late policy:  We strongly suggest all party attendees to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to complete paperwork and
payments. If the party is delayed for more than 30 minutes due to late participants, each participant must pay $10 extra
to receive the full party length if the studio is available.

Minimum # of Participants: 8-15.  The minimum attendance per party is 8-15 people depending on location.  If less
than 8-10 people participate, the host is responsible for paying for the minimum number of participants stated on their


What should I wear?
You can wear boy shorts, workout shorts, yoga pants, sexy costumes, and anything else you would like to dress up in.  
Bring heels or a fun pair of boots for the class, or you can dance barefoot as well.

How can I change the number of participants?
If you decide to add more party members there will be an additional fee per person depending on the package you

Will my party be private?
Yes, we do not allow any other person that is not part of your party to watch or participate.
If a couple of my party guests just want to watch and not participate, do they have to pay?
Yes, there is a fee of $20 for each non participant. If your party does not meet the participant minimum, you are still
required to pay that number, regardless of how many non-participants are paid for.

Do you allow pregnant women to participate?
Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the pole dance activities.  We do allow pregnant women to participate
in floor, chair, or lap dance, but the host is responsible to inform the instructor prior to the party about any pregnant

How do my party members make payments?
Each party member is responsible to pay prior to the start of the class.  We recommend all participants to pay the host
in cash before arrival to ensure the full party time duration.

Can I redeem multiple discounts or specials per party?
You may only redeem one promotion per party package.
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