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Get fit with our
complete program!
1. LEVEL 1 ( One month course = 4 classes) Includes:

*Basic to complex exotic dance moves
*Lap Dance
*Chair Dance
*Floor work
*Body language
*Pole Intro
*Holding your weight and balance
Each class is one hour long.        
$199 (4 classes)
$299 (Unlimited  classes for 4 weeks)

2. LEVEL 2 ( one month course = 4 classes) Includes:

*Revision of beginning course
*20 pole poses and resting
*pole tricks
*pole swings
*pole spins
*creating momentum to spin
*proper hand position
*Transition to the floor
*Gripping poses
*Intro to inversions
*Intense toning of abs, legs, glutes, and arms
*Stage dance choreography
*dance show with costume
$199  (4 Classes)
$299  (Unlimited Classes for 4 weeks)

3. LEVEL 3 (one month course = 4 classes) Includes
Designed for women that finished their Level 1 and 2

*Spinning with leg momentum only
*Inverted Spins
*Inverted Poses
*Inverted Tricks
*Static Poses
*Transition to Vertical and Inverted positions
*Back Bends
*Complex Inverted moves
*Holding entire body weight
*Horizontal Spins
*Horizontal Tricks
*Leg and foot friction, position, and hooks
*Inverted Body Slide
*Acrobatic Moves
$199  (4 Classes)


5. Crash course (3 hours) this course is designed for women that want to finish their course
in one day.

*basic to complex exotic moves
*lap dance
*Pole dance (spins, poses, gripping, etc)
Do you want to teach?
Take our Instruction Certification Workshop

(Pole dance Instruction Certification)

It's an intensive 2 day workshop.
You will learn all the beginning and advanced pole techniques.

Complete Program

* Warm up routines stretching and cool down
* Pole dance History
* Pole work, spins, poses, swings, tricks, inversions, suspensions, maneuvers, transitions, resting,
momentum, gripping, sliding, gyrations, body positioning, leg work, and complex exotic moves.
* full Choreography
* Pole dance book
* Pole dance Video
* Pole dance Syllabus
* Certification of completion
* Refreshments and Snacks
* Costume show

What to bring?
Notebook,  Stilettos, Towel, Shorts, Yoga pants, t-shirt, Sexy costume

6 hour Workshop
Price   $499

This workshop is for you if you have dance experience  and you are interested in teaching.
2902 West Coast Highway
Newport Beach CA 92663
[email protected]
Studio # 949-903-1867
Fax # 949-720-1446
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Private Group
Bring your own group of friends and book in a class
with the studio all to yourselves.

$60 per person 2 people
$55per person 3-5 people
$45 per person 6 and up

Private class for Exotic/Pole
One on one class with your choice of pole dance, lap dance, chair dance,
floor work, strip tease, or chair dance.

$70 l hour $55 2nd hour