The art of seduction

Seduction is the art, and joy, of tempting your partner into a romantic, sensual liaison. It is less about the
outcome of your liaison, and more about the game of seducing. When you begin a game of seduction you are
inviting your partner to a completely sensual experience designed to heighten ALL of their senses. Your
partner should be in a passive role, while you determine which sense to heighten and which zone to pleasure.
Typically, a successful seduction is longer than your average lovemaking session, and can even last over a few
days or weeks. It's important to remember that coupling doesn't always have to happen. Think of it as an
extended foreplay session. If days of sensual innuendoes and mood setters can't get your partner in the mood,
nothing will!

Before beginning your seduction plan, you need to decide how long you want your seduction to last. Is there a
special day coming up? Do you want to make some serious changes in your love play? If so, a week long
seduction might be a better approach.

Once you've decided your time limit, you'll want to look at how you want to begin capturing your partner's
sensual attention. There are numerous ways to go about this. The most important thing to remember about this
stage is that you should NOT couple! This is about getting their interest and heightening their senses for when
you actually do couple.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

leave an erotic love note on their pillow
e-mail a fantasy you wish to enact with them
give a sensual massage using your favorite massage oils
have a finger food picnic
play a lover's game
kiss longer and more frequently
find more opportunities to touch your partner
make eye contact more frequently
watch a semi-erotic move such as Henry & June
have an old fashion "necking" session

The Main Event
Now that you've put all this effort into getting your partner ready, it's time to move onto the main event. Again,
it's important to remember that the longer you draw out the seduction, the better it will be.
There are various stages of arousal you enter into when engaging in love play. The shorter the experience, the
lower the level of arousal you are able to access. The longer the experience, the higher the level of arousal you
and your partner can enter into. Thus, if you can prolong the experience you will create a memory you will both
treasure for quite a while.

To make the most of this factor, you'll need to have things in place that will heighten all of your partner's
senses. We're talking about a full assault on their senses. When you're done with them you'll leave them
wondering how sex could have ever been otherwise. Here are some ideas to get you started:
Sense of Sight: Care and attention should be placed on the location. If in your bedroom, candles lit, silky
bedding and lots of pillows are a must. Arouse this sense further with lingerie.

Sense of Smell: Aromatics can work for you or against you. Make sure you know which scents your partner
enjoys. Get scented candles, incense or scented massage oil to help heighten this sense.

Sense of Taste: This can be incorporated in two ways. One is through food with aphrodisiac qualities such as
strawberries or oysters. The other is through edible lotions, chocolate syrups or whip cream.

Sense of Hearing: Get creative and record yourself telling an erotic story and leave it playing in the
background. Or, play music that fits the overall mood you are going for. If you have sensual movies you may
want to have the sound playing in the background.

Sense of Touch: One of the most erotic senses of all is the sense of touch. You will already be using this sense
just by engaging the seduction. To heighten it you need to make sure every time they feel something against
their skin it has an extra sensation added to it. You can do this with silky bedding, silky lingerie, or even with a
massage with your favorite oils. You may also want to try a feather, something furry or a rose when you touch

You can further heighten the senses by hindering one of them completely. A reduction causes the other senses
to work more to make up for the loss. You can remove the sense of sight by using a blindfold. You can remove
the sense of touch by using restraints. You need to make sure your partner would be comfortable with this type
of love play before doing this though.

For an additional benefit, when you execute your main event, you may want to try something a little different.
For example, a tryst with role-playing may let your partner become more open and result in new levels of
arousal. Or, a prolonged temptation before letting them reach their peak will certainly get results.
Remember, this is your seduction. You can do whatever you KNOW will get your partner excited. The main
point is to infuse some creative loving into your relationship. If you've lost a bit of that "new love attraction" this
is an excellent way to get it back. Every few months, make sure you do something similar to this to keep the
spark alive and create some fantastic memories to look back upon!