Romantic Massage

Beauty and love can be shown in many ways but none quite as personal and loving as a massage. Many times,
a massage can lead to better communication and understanding with your partner. Other times, it's just the
knowledge that someone is devoting their time to making you feel incredible that makes it extra special.
Massage has been said to be a dance of love with your fingertips. Given correctly it can be one of the most
intensely sensual moments you can share with your partner. And not surprisly, since the skin is the largest
sensory organ in the body! For your next gift, why not give the gift of massage?
Massage Ingredients:
A sturdy tabletop padded with foam or blankets works great. Otherwise, try a padded floor or, for the more
adventurous, a large towel on the beach or secluded park. If you plan on doing the massage outside, take
precautions against insects, excessive heat or coldness. If staying inside is more appealing, then allow for no
distractions! This means unplug the phone and arrange for no one else to be in the house, including children.
Wherever you choose, make sure you have easy and comfortable access to both the right and left sides of
your partner's body and that the temperature is warm. If need be, cover the areas of the body you're not
working on with a light comfortable blanket, or use a portable heater.  You'll also need a towel or two to wipe
your hands or your partner.  A towel can also come in very handy in the case of a spill. :)

For your covering cloth, make sure to select something that is OK to be oiled. A sheet works perfectly.
The most enticing part of a massage can often be the atmosphere in which it is presented. If quality time is
spent on setting the mood, you both will reap the rewards! Play some soft relaxing classical, jazz or "mood"
music in the background. You can play anything without any harsh rythms or words. Candlelight, incense and
flowers are wonderful mood setters as well. Try to make the setting evoke a feeling of sensuality and comfort.
Take some time and make sure you have plenty of pillows and comfortable blankets. Consider it your temple of

Props are a wonderful addition to any massage. Anything that is soft to the touch, but not too light so as to
tickle is wonderful. Feathers, a silk scarf, flowers, flannel strips, etc. work beautifully. If using a feather, make
sure not to do it too lightly. :) If you decide to use props, keep them within easy reach.

Massage Tips:
Before starting, make sure your partner is comfortable and doesn't need anything. (i.e. they don't have to go to
the restroom, aren't hungry, etc.)

To start, you might want to give them a simple back rub or a head massage (an often overlooked sensual
area). This will get you and your partner into communication with each other as well as let your partner get
used to your touch. Once you're both ready, have your partner lie down on their stomach. Stradle your
partner's body (a leg on each side) and begin to let your fingers stroke lightly, starting from the neck down.
Each stroke should begin from the spine and roll off the sides of your partner's body. Remember that continous
movement is the key. Always try to keep even pressure between each hand.

When you place or remove your hands, use a glide on, glide off style of touching. Glide on in the direction your
hands will be moving on or off the body. Maintain a continous flow while massaging. Make your movements
blend together, each one enhancing the preceding one and preparing for the next. Your strokes should be
fluid, never jerky. Always take your hands around or out of the body rather then stopping in mid-flow.
Keep the massage varied. Often change the tempo, rythm and pressure. While the point is to relax your
partner, you don't want them to fall asleep! :)

If you're unsure of how much pressure to give, lighter is usually better. Although, it is best to go by what your
partner prefers. Also, if there are two of something, massage them both equally (i.e. both legs, both arms, etc.).
Make sure your recipient is enjoying what you are doing. You can usually tell, but if you're not sure, ask them.
Be comfortable and confident with yourself and what you're doing. This is your gift to your partner - let that
show. From here, let your heart be your guide and your instincts rule your fingers.