Burn, baby, burn

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COSTA MESA - A thin swath of green fabric hooked over the glass door
veils women writhing, bouncing and gyrating on the hardwood floor.

While many women choose to dress in provocative, barely-there outfits
for their alternate personas (some even choose alternate first names),
it’s perfectly acceptable to show up in sweats and a tank top.

"It’s my chance to be on stage, and I’m my best audience," student
Constance Loubriel says of the class. "No one is looking at you saying,
‘Look, she’s got that kind of body.’ Everyone’s their own individual. You
decide what’s sexy to you."

"After class our legs are sore," says student Maggie Gomez. "You definitely sweat and get a workout. If anything we’ve gained a higher
respect for exotic dancers."

The 31-year-old loan processor from Costa Mesa says she was drawn to the class simply because it sounded fun, and she persuaded five
of her friends to join her.

"It allows us to be free," she says. "We laugh at each other when we can’t do stuff."

Gomez’s friend Laura Morrison says the class is a release from the "Business Betty" routine of the workday.

"It does make you feel sexier," says Morrison, 30. "We always look forward to coming back............................