Turn him on with compliments

Historically, we guys have been made fun of, because sometimes all it takes is a shift in the breeze to get our
motors going. And yes, by and large, we're more visual when it comes to getting turned on. But you've stumbled
upon something that many women don't know. We like to be complimented, chased after, and once in a while,
even leered at. What's in a guy's head? To quote Cheap Trick: "I want YOU to want ME!"
So, here are 10 sure-fire ways to love and lust after your fella.

Be specific. Don't go for the blanket statement "you're sexy." It's too easy. Think about how you'd feel if that
was the best he could come up with when you're standing there nekkid. So, pick something out -- "your arms
are so strong. I love to watch the muscles move when you take your shirt off." Or..."You have an incredible
(butt/chest/etc.). I just wanna grab you!" See what I mean?

Stare. You know how to do it. The same way those construction workers watch you walk by. The same way that
guy at work looks at you when you're wearing a plunging neckline. Look him up and down.

Undress him with your eyes. And let him know you're doing it, like when he's walking in front of you, climbing
up a ladder, or just stepping out of the shower. Heck, even lick your lips and wolf-whistle if you feel like it.

Touch. We men don't have the market cornered on groping. You see something you want, you grab it. There's
not a much better compliment than: "Sorry, I just couldn't keep my hands to myself!" Run your hand up his
thigh. Down the back of his neck. You know how to do it.

Surprise him. Call in the middle of the day, and tell him you're already thinking about tonight. Or, that you're
still in a daze from last night. Catch him at the right time and he won't be able to think of anything but you for
the rest of the day. And night.

Compare. Even when you're watching TV or reading magazines, point out to him all the guys he's better
looking/smarter/taller than (in your opinion, of course). What guy doesn't want to hear: "I don't see what the big
deal is with Brad Pitt. You're way hotter than he is. WAY hotter."  

Lingerie. No, not for you. Get him a pair of silk boxers (or boxer-briefs, if he prefers), and ask him to model
them for you. Then, go back to #1 and get very specific about what you find so sexy about him in his undies.
Don't laugh. It works on you women every time.

Exclusivity. Nobody can touch your body the way he does. NO body else could ever make you feel that good.
Nobody has ever turned you on as much as him. Get the idea? He knows he's the only man in your world. Now
let him know why.

Jump him. Plain and simple. This accomplishes everything you're asking for, no words necessary. Drag him
into the bedroom (or the kitchen table, on the floor, or over to the couch).

Throw him down. And have at him as if he were your last meal. You're just so turned on by him that you can't
even control yourself. Sounds like a compliment to me!

Write to him. An e-mail. A letter. A poem. Pour your feelings out on paper and give them to him. Love letters
have worked on women for hundreds of years. Maybe it's time the tables were turned.
Repeat as necessary. Find what works for you and him. Go with it. Or, mix it up a little. Keep him on his toes.
He'll never know where the next compliment is coming from. Basically, all you need to do is try new ways to
stroke him (and his ego), and you're good to go.