Women shake curves in no man's land
There's no room for inhibition inside this green room.
Daily Pilot

COSTA MESA -- Three nights a week, in a cookie-cutter strip mall, this asymmetrical dance studio becomes a "no man zone."

Women come to unwind here after a day's work. They wear hip-hugging pants and groove to pop tunes. Hair flies and platform shoes stomp
on the parquet floor. There's no room for inhibition between these green-painted walls.

The women continue to dance, wiggling their fingers and rotating their shoulders slowly.

Constance Loubriel, 35, was one of Lim's first students. A fitness studio owner, she said she has always wanted to dance but couldn't find the
right forum.

"I wanted to be on stage but didn't want to be looked upon," Loubriel said. "This is the best audience. No one is being judged or judging

Not even mothers. Thella Granger, 47, a Costa Mesa resident, said she feels at home among her classmates, who clap in place as Granger
perfects her dance moves.

"There were things I wanted to change, to feel more feminine," Granger said. "You want to empower yourself." At the other end of the room is
her daughter, 26-year-old Sandy Burgess. She waves her arms and stares intently into the mirror.

"It's entertaining for both of us," Burgess said. "This is a different kind of mother-daughter bonding...............................