Instructor:   Jenny
Sensual. Vibrant. Motivated. Rejuvenated.

These are the feelings that resonate with me throughout  my experiences in and
out of the dance studio.

After studying seven years as a gymnast, as well as taking the time to learn
yoga, hip hop, and ballet, I love that dance has inspired me to see the body as an
art form, as an expression of how I feel on the inside and as a movement
towards peace and tranquility.

Over the years, my love for dance has translated to a variety of other forms,
including pilates, cardiovascular training, body sculpting, ice skating, martial
arts and more recently, aerobic striptease, and pole dancing.

Inspired by a healthy lifestyle and background in nutrition, I want to
encourage women to find their inner-strength, as well as be able to channel
their feelings and emotions through exotic dancing!

With my experiences in different forms of dance, I hope to motivate women to
use this class to celebrate their femininity, renew a sense of confidence and a
love for life!