Edith Aboul-hosn
Edith Aboul-hosn is the founder of From Mind To Body Dance Academy, Exotic Divas program, Exotic
Dance for you DVD, and Pole Dancing for you DVD.  She has been dancing  for over 15 years,
teaching, and choreographing professional dance for 7 years. She is a dedicated mom and wife with a
dream to help every day women, like herself, find their sensuality and passions through dance.

Before she focused her energy entirely on helping women rediscover their femininity, thus themselves,
she spread her passion and great positive energy to teaching autistic children, obese people, less
fortunate children, and many other groups of people she felt she could help through dance, or other
means.  She also sponsored fundraisers for the "Moses Fund", which helps build schools and homes in

During this fulfilling journey,  Edith noticed that many of the women, in and around her life, had lost their
femininity, their sensuality, their passion, and therefore their power, and ultimately themselves.  These
were everyday women who gave so much to their world around them as grandmothers, mothers,
wives, daughters, sisters, friends, professionals...that they forgot to give to themselves.  

This is something that drains women of all their essentials and turns them into a one dimensional
title,like the ones mentioned earlier.  Edith envisioned dance as a savior that would help women
rediscover their femininity, sensuality, sexuality, and thus themselves,
all while maintaining their labels of grandmothers, mothers, etc...

Exotic Divas was created by Edith Aboul-hosn.  She successfully blended all her dance experience, her
leadership, her vision, her desire, her compassion for others, to empower women of all ages, sizes and
ethnicities. Her work has garnered attention from all media sources, however, her classes have grown
exponentially and continue to do so, from referrals of women whose lives she has touched in a great
way.  And of course, all these women have left an indelible mark on her as well.

Edith has also made a commitment to spread her vision of empowerment by giving speeches and
lectures every semester  to the students of the University of Cal State Long Beach and Orange Coast

Edith  will continue to nourish her vision, desire and passion.  And she hopes you will join her in this
unique and amazing journey of rediscovery

Dance Background

Edith Aboul-hosn has studied and taught different styles of dance like Samba, Salsa, Merengue,
Rumba, Mambo, Tango, Cuban, Belly dance, Serpent Dance, Cabaret Style Dance, Burlesque,  jazz,
Modern Dance, Flamenco, Dance Competition Programs, Classical ballet, Yoga, Pilates,
Cardiovascular Fitness, Weight Training, Body Sculpting, Strength and Conditioning, Sports
Conditioning, Postural Integration, Stress Reduction Techniques, Acrobatics, Personal Training,
Nutrition, Pole Dance, Exotic Dance, and Strip Tease Aerobics. She has also created different fitness
programs and diets for women to lose weight and get in shape fast.

In the past 7 years she has created over 720 Dance Choreographies  of different styles of dance. She
also Choreographs dance shows for music videos, exercise videos, and Concerts.